Janssen, 3 Advocacy Groups Launch Cancer.com, a Tailored Online Platform

Janssen, 3 Advocacy Groups Launch Cancer.com, a Tailored Online Platform

Janssen Pharmaceuticals and three leading advocacy organizations recently launched Cancer.com, an online platform to support those affected by different oncology diagnoses, including breast cancer.

The advocacy groups that worked with Janssen Oncology on the new platform are the American Cancer Society, CancerCareand Cancer Support Community.

Cancer.com features content tailored for each user plus useful resources. Visitors can also choose information by cancer type, topics of interest, and geographic region.

The motto of Cancer.com is: “Providing clarity in your search for cancer resources,” and it does this by having information prepared for patients when they are likely to need it the most: at diagnosis, while making treatment decisions, during treatment, during remission, and while considering the possibility of recurrence.

Besides breast, other cancers featured include lung and prostate cancer, multiple myeloma, and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The website also has some information about different tumor types.

Topics range from insurance and financial information and support, to tips for effectively engaging with a healthcare team or tips for finding a good local support network.

“We understand that hearing the word ‘cancer’ is overwhelming, and the search that follows for relevant support can be daunting. This is what inspired Cancer.com,” Tom Cavanaugh, president of Janssen Biotech, Oncology, said in a press release. “As part of our enduring commitment to the cancer community and to working toward victories over cancer, we are excited to debut Cancer.com to educate and empower patients and their caregivers.”

Initially, the website is offering two resources: My Care Activator and Advocacy Connector.

The first is a health coaching tool that can be tailored to fit specific needs. The service prioritizes behaviors that can be more easily changed to help patients build or strengthen skills in coping with their symptoms, cooperating with their healthcare team, or making sure they’re getting appropriate exercise and enough rest.

The second resource, Advocacy Connector, identifies services and support groups most relevant to you, according to your location, cancer type, and particular conditions.

Patricia J. Goldsmith, chief executive officer of CancerCare, said the advocacy group has a “broad and deep appreciation for how patients and families live with and beyond a cancer diagnosis.

“The customized and supportive approach of Cancer.com will assist many patients in understanding their diagnosis and their experiences throughout the continuum of care, as well as help them cope with the isolation and emotional challenges they will face,” Goldsmith said.

It was critical to have the support from these three advocacy partners in creating Cancer.com, Janssen noted in the news release, because they contributed to make sure all content featured in the platform is trusted and updated.