6 Free Things You Can Do Right Now to Make Breast Cancer an Easier Experience

The shock of a cancer diagnosis and the bewildering aftermath can make it hard to keep an optimistic attitude. But there are things you can do, right now, to make your experience easier and more pleasant. If you’re feeling down, give these ideas a try. Connect Breast cancer can be isolating. You can really feel left out when you’re too sick to go to work, too tired to visit a friend, or too immune system-compromised to interact with anyone, and you might be feeling lonely. In that case, pick up the phone. Instead of waiting for someone to remember that you’re home alone, consider writing an old-fashioned letter — the ones that require a postage stamp and a sheet of paper. You’ll have fun writing it, and someone will be delighted to receive it. Send a text or connect on social media. In whatever way that feels comfortable for you, help yourself build the bridge you need. Make Healthy Food Choices Eating the food your body needs to fight disease can be seriously challenging during cancer treatment. Some patients need to eat any calorie they can tolerate just to get the proper nutrition, but many others end up gaining weight. If your body can tolerate it, choose healthy fruits, vegetables, and proteins that will make you feel good. Sometimes, you can drastically change the way you feel just by making better dietary choices. MORE: Five things you can do today for your favorite cancer patient Take a Walk Exercise can help combat the fatigue cancer patients frequently experience during treatment and afterwards. Ask your doctor if exercise would be good in your situation. You’ll feel better
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