A Holistic Approach to My Husband’s Watermelon Belly

A Holistic Approach to My Husband’s Watermelon Belly
  I pasted a photo of my husband’s belly into an email and hit send. “That felt odd,” I said out loud to myself. Gary’s belly was the shape of an over-ripe watermelon, and in the weird light of late afternoon, it had taken on an orange tone. It was as if he’d sneaked some of my self-tanning lotion and used way too much. I hoped that Isaac Eliaz, an integrative doctor I'd just met, would have a new idea about how to treat him. About four years ago, back when I was in chemotherapy, I decided to freeze my head to save my hair. The theory behind this “technology” is that when the scalp is frozen, chemo meds can’t circulate there, so the hair doesn’t fall out. Many hospitals now have FDA-approved machines that help patients with this process, but I was one year too early to use them. When I tried it, I had to bring four massive coolers full of dry ice and a 16-pack of helmet-shaped gel bags into the infusion room. Wearing special gloves, Gary would snag a helmet from a cooler, and we would wrangle it onto my head, synching it tightly with velcro. Every 30 minutes, we replaced it with a fresh one to ensure my scalp stayed good and frozen. Yes, it was miserable. And no, it didn’t work for me. My hair fell out anyway. [captio
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