It Will Work

It Will Work
A cold wind whipped my face as I stood in the back of a pickup truck with my sister and five other women. Rural Guatemala blurred by, the surface of Lake Atitlán flickering in the shadows of three enormous volcanoes. I didn’t dare reach down to pull my jacket out of my daypack, because I couldn’t risk taking my hand off the railing and falling out of the truck. At a wide spot in the road, we hopped out and joined a group of Mayan women and their babies. They were meeting in the community room at a preschool, and a woman in the front had everyone’s attention. She spoke Kaqchikel, a particularly foreign sounding dialect, but because of her passion, intonation, and visual aids, even I could tell she was talking about food. During a lull in the presentation, I pointed at one particularly beautiful child and whispered to my sister, “Peg, check out his hair!” It was a thick black mop streaked with reds and blonds, so exquisite that I yearned to touch it. Maybe his dad is American, I thought. My sister whispered back
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  1. Di Schulze says:

    Nancy…..many years ago, I met Sharon Smart in a youth hostel in Victoria, Vancouver Island…..that was the begining of a lovely and long lasting friendship. It is so wonderful that you were able to visit Mayan families and see the work being done there. Sharon is a wonderful woman and we all pray for amazing things for her. It WILL work!!!

    I wish you the very best in health, love and life! Cheers, Di Schulze

  2. Steve Petersen says:

    Thanx so much for the update. YOU WILL BEAT THIS. You have too much to live for. I have loved my experience with Mayan Famalies over the past 5 years. The attached letter from Nancy was very uplifting. Cancer is a real hiccup in life but it can be beaten. I am a 29 year survivor of colon cancer and I plan on being around for many more years. The Mayan people are beautiful, especially my little Sonia Maria. I really wish I could spend more time in Guatemala but I have an extended family here in Santa Barbara.
    Sharon keep up the great attitude you exude and that will make your recovery that much better. You will overcome this!!

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