We May Not Think About It, but Trusting the Process Is Important

We May Not Think About It, but Trusting the Process Is Important
Just before the plane took off, a weird noise punctured the air — a thumping, grinding, ominous complaint. It reminded me of when my husband overloaded our washing machine with a million pairs of jeans and a truckload of towels. For a guy who owns a coin-op, Gary’s a menace in the laundry room. On the plane that day, I wondered what those noises were but didn’t dwell on it. Although I’ve experienced a few tense moments, I’ve logged a lot of hours on airplanes and survived them all. And really, what am I going to do anyway if something goes wrong? What an enormous amount of trust all of us demonstrate each time we fly. We trust individuals, machines, and processes — everything it takes to get us where we’re going. Have you ever noticed that when planes make weird noises, we sort of look at each other, but mostly, no one says anything? Instead, we eat a few pretzels and ultimately land far away from where we started, mostly forgetting about the miracle we just experienced. Science nerds like to explain the principles of flight, but the rest of us only marvel that something as heavy as a building can fling itself safely into the air and land exactly where it’s supposed to, pretty much on schedule. When we fly, we forget about all the complex systems behind each flight; we trust the process so much that it doesn't even factor into our consciousness
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