Biopsy Gives Way to Results

Biopsy Gives Way to Results
Journey_Toward_Pink_Path_Jessica_Grono The day had arrived, it was biopsy time! Believe it or not, I felt excited to get it over and done. At this point, I've had many mammograms, ultrasounds, and analyses from several doctors, and it was time for answers instead of guesses. My husband and my mom took me to the hospital. I'm glad that they could both make it because they have different expertise to assist me. I couldn't drink or eat anything past midnight. That sounds simple enough, but I tend to become sick when I don't eat on time. I would be OK though, and handle it. After registering at the hospital, nurses called me back quickly. I needed to change into a big blue robe that was huge on me. Why they can't make those robes different sizes is beyond me. I used the bathroom, and then it was time to answer questions about my medications and meeting the anesthesiologist. All standard procedure-type processes before a biopsy. They had to do another blood test, because the place where I had a blood test apparently had lost mine. I met with the doctor, and was told I first needed a procedure that I didn't know about before the biopsy. Nurses took me upstairs to a room with a specialist. She injected medicine into my left breast that would make it numb. Afterward, while looking at the ultrasound, she took a wire that went exactly to the mass in question. I realize that this sounds scary, and I wasn't too happy about it. I also needed to stay still. My disability makes me have involuntary movements
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