Hey, NFL! Where’s the Blue in October?

Hey, NFL! Where’s the Blue in October?
protect_the_pecs Every October, the NFL goes pink for several games. They sell pink merchandise. The players wear pink cleats, pink gloves, and pink ribbons to show their support for those who have been affected by breast cancer. The NFL's audience is mostly male. It is a male-dominated sport. Yet, they still do not recognize that men get breast cancer, too. Ask yourself this question: How much does the NFL give to breast cancer research foundations? Nothing. But for every $100 that is spent on pink merchandise, $12.50 of it goes to the NFL and $11.25 goes to the American Cancer Society, which then goes to breast cancer research. So, it is a gray area. But clearly, the NFL could — and should — do more. Each team needs to give up its television revenues for one game in October, and put that money toward helping women and men in their fights against cancer. Consider this: (Boldface emphasis is mine.) “The NFL split a massive $7.24 billion in revenue with all 32 teams last season. Each team received $226.4 million as part of the split, most of which comes from the various television deals." Those numbers were reported by James Brady of SB Nation reported in  July 2015. Think about it. They could take 10% of that revenue, which is $724 million, each year to be used for breast cancer research. $724 million!

Add some blue, NFL!

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