Women Adopts Six Children from Friend Who Died of Breast Cancer

One of the concerns of women who suffer from breast cancer is their children, the reaction of the children to the disease and what could happen to them in the case of death. This situation is particularly worrying for single mothers, as was the case of Beth Laitkep. However, a touching gesture from a friend has enabled the breast cancer patient to rest in peace and her children to remain together.

Beth Laitkep was the single mother of six children and she was fighting breast cancer that ended up taking her life last April. When she was unable to get out of her hospital bed due to the severity of her illness, she asked a life-changing favor from her friend Stephanie Culley: could she take care of her six children?  Stephanie Culley was alongside her friend Beth Laitkep during the entire fight against cancer and accepted to plea to continue helping her friend.

Stephanie Culley was already a mother to three children but she took on all six of her friend’s children aged between two and 14 years old. “She was never worried about herself, she was never worried about anything but them,” said Stephanie Culley in this video shared on the YouTube channel of Inside Edition. “I told her that I would love them, that I would never be able to love them like she would, but that I would do the very best that I could.”

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