What You Should Know About “The Metastatic Breast Cancer Project”

https://youtu.be/rnPGdjRIyHA “Nobody should ever have to sit in the physician’s office and hear that their cancer has spread and that there is no cure” – this is the first sentence we hear after we press play on this video. And this is the devastating truth. But for those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, metastasis is a reality that can happen at any moment. Find out more about management of patients with metastatic breast cancer.  In this video shared by Broad Institute, learn more about the “The Metastatic Breast Cancer Project“, a project which focuses on “direct-to-patient engagement via social media as a means for partnering directly with individuals who otherwise might never have the opportunity to contribute to research”. Watch the video and visit the project’s website to learn more about how they want to transform how metastatic breast cancer has been understood by interpreting individual tumor genomes and patients’ medical records and using those findings to evolve research that could lead to new treatments. Learn more about fatigue and metastatic breast cancer.

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