10 Things to Bring to the Hospital When Recovering from a Mastectomy

10 Things to Bring to the Hospital When Recovering from a Mastectomy
https://youtu.be/xMQOxnEy9XU Breast cancer is a terrible, devastating disease that can affect anyone. It is the most common type of cancer that affects women (although it can also affect men). Learn more about how breast cancer can be diagnosed. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, there are several ways to address treatment. Unfortunately, most of the time, patients have to undergo surgery and mastectomy is usually the most common and most performed type of breast surgery. That's what this video is about. LoveIsBIGGERthanCancer posted this clip full of good tips about what you can bring to the hospital to help you recover from your mastectomy. Chel is fighting breast cancer and has just had her mastectomy, she shares with us some of the things she found were incredibly helpful for her. LoveIsBIGGERthanCancer is a youtube channel where Chel, a 33-year-old wife and mother, shares her journey of fighting breast cancer. Find out more about how to adapt a bathing suit after you have a mastectomy. Breast Cancer Ne
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