The Safety Touch: A Mobile App to Remind You About Self-Examination Breast cancer is a terrible, devastating disease that can affect anyone. It is the most common type of cancer that affects women (although it can also affect men). Learn more about how breast cancer can be diagnosed. There are several ways to bring awareness to breast cancer and reminding women (and men) to self-examine themselves is one of these initiatives.
Estefan Henao shared this video on his Vimeo account, where the importance of self-examination is brought up for everyone to see. To help women remind themselves to check their breasts, Liga Contra El Cáncer, a Spanish foundation against breast cancer, decided to create a mobile app called “The Safety Touch”, an app that will make women more aware of self-examination and to look for abnormalities in their breasts more frequently. Watch the video to learn more about this initiative and to find out how the app works.

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