Breast Cancer: Lump Symptoms, Mastectomy and Mammograms

Breast cancer is a malignant disease characterized by the out-of-control growth of breast cells. The breast is composed of fatty tissue, fibrous tissue, and glandular tissue, which comprises three parts – the glands that produce milk, the ducts that transport milk to the nipple, and the connective tissue that consists of fibrous and fatty tissue that connects everything together.

Men are also affected by breast cancer. Read this article about how to overcome stigma about breast cancer male patients. 

In this video, shared by Animated Anatomy, listen to Fahrice Dozic talk about breasts. Fahrice Dozic is the developer of Animated Anatomy, a website that has helped change the way we teach and learn about anatomy.

In a very interesting and captivating way, Fahrice explains what the breasts are, what and how lump symptoms appear, what a mastectomy and a mammogram are, and how a breast work using 3D explanations.

Read more about clinical trials for breast cancer and how you can benefit from them here.

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