Hair Loss During Breast Cancer Chemotherapy Treatment Breast cancer can be treated in several different ways, depending on the stage the cancer is at. One of the treatment options is chemotherapy. A lot has changed about chemotherapy over the last few years and not all chemotherapy treatments are the same, it can vary from patient to patient. Read more about how genetic testing can reduce chemotherapy use in breast cancer patients. But one thing is fairly common among patients who go through chemotherapy treatment and that is hair loss. Not all patients suffer from this side effect as it depends on the type of medicine mixed in the chemotherapy and because every patient is different, but it’s normal if hair weakens and starts to fall out little by little. In this video, shared by Breast Cancer Answers® in 2011, meet Dr. David Margileth, an oncologist at St. Joseph Hospital, California, and listen to him explain how most chemotherapy drugs cause hair loss in breast cancer patients. Fortunately, this hair loss is only temporary and the hair will begin to re-grow once the chemotherapy has finished. Learn more tips on how to manage hair loss while going through chemotherapy. Breast Cancer News is strictly a news and information website ab
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