Can Exercise Reduce Cancer Recurrence?

Everyone should do a regular amount of exercise weekly. But sometimes, there’s little motivation do to it, especially after being diagnosed with breast cancer and initiating cancer treatments (that may include medication, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy). Breast cancer treatments can wear you out, make you feel tired and ill, and not in the mood for exercising, but it’s really important that you fight against those feelings. Even if you just do a small amount of physical activity, it’s already a big step towards your recovery.

Here’s a list of 6 exercises for breast cancer survivors you should take a look at.

Studies have shown that exercise improves the immune system that helps fight cancer. Insulin, that helps tumors grow decreases. In this video, shared by Robotic Prostate Surgery Center – Dr. David B. Samadi, listen to Dr. Samadi talk about the impact that exercise can have in the inflammatory cells and how this impact may actually delay cancer cell growth.

Learn 5 tips for exercising with breast cancer.

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