Summer Tips: 10 Ways to Stay Hydrated As everybody probably knows, our body is made mostly out of water and we need it to stay alive. Drinking enough water to keep hydrated is one of the most important things we should do, but not everyone likes it or does it on a daily basis. If you're living with a chronic disease that wears you out, you should hydrate as much as you possibly can. Undergoing breast cancer treatment and lost your appetite? Here are some tips on how to manage your appetite loss you should know about. As Lauren says, "being hydrated is really important, and it's even more important when you're sick". And that's exactly what this video is all about. Some diseases and treatments can make you lose a lot of liquids and dehydrate very easily so Gifted Life YouTuber, Lauren, shares with you some of her favorite ways to improve your hydration and always be fresh and refreshed. Coconut oil, lemon in hot water, DIY recipes for face scrubs, moisturizing mouthwash, and many other great tips can be found in this video. Hydrate yourself, just like Lauren does.   Breast Cancer New
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