Older Women Benefit From Mammograms in Detecting Breast Cancer

Older Women Benefit From Mammograms in Detecting Breast Cancer
mammograms in older womenAccording to a recent study, entitled “Improved Prognosis of Women Aged 75 and Older with Mammography-detected Breast Cancer” and published in the Radiology Journal, mammography may be beneficial for women 75 years and older. Researchers from the University of Washington School of Public Health and Community Medicine in Seattle set to determine the characteristics and outcomes of women aged 75 years and older with mammography-detected breast cancer, an age group not commonly prescribed this type of diagnosis. The team designed a prospective cohort study in patients with primary breast cancer, aged 75 years and older, with stage 0–IV disease from 1990 to 2011, and found that throughout this time period, 64% of the breast cancers (including ductal carcinoma in situ) were diagnosed with mammography while 36% were found either by the patient or the patient's physician. Among the mammography-detected cancers, 62% were stage I, while 59% in the patient/physician-detected group were stage II or III, strongly correlating with increased five-year disease-specific survival for invasive breast cancer in the mammography-detected group (97%) as a consequence of early-stage cancer detection. Additionally, patients with mammography-detected disease underwent fewer
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