Breast Cancer Risks Increase Due To False Alarms From Mammograms

Breast Cancer Risks Increase Due To False Alarms From Mammograms
inflammatory breast cancer screeningAccording to a recent study, women undergoing mammograms that result in false alarms have an increased risk of developing breast cancer in the future, however, the underlying cause remains unknown. Research had already been conducted showing false-positive results from mammography screening correlated with an increase in risk for being diagnosed with breast cancer when compared to negative mammography results. However, the authors wanted to assess the excess risk of cancer after a false-positive result excluding cases of misclassification, such as women who were actually false-negatives instead of false-positives. In a study entitled “Increased risk of breast cancer in women with false-positive test: The role of misclassification” and published in The International Journal of Cancer Epidemiology, Detection and Prevention, the team used data from the Copenhagen Mammography Screening Programme in Denmark to analyze epidemiological data from 295 out of 4,743 women from a total of 58,003 participants who had a false-positive test during the screening period of 1991–2005 and who later developed breast cancer. Breast cancers that developed in
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