Maxwell Dickson Launches Crowdfunding for Breast Cancer with Invites to a Red Carpet Event

Maxwell Dickson Launches Crowdfunding for Breast Cancer with Invites to a Red Carpet Event

An unusual pairing in Los Angeles has just been announced in support of the most common, but deadly cancer among women — breast cancer. Maxwell Dickson, an art company that specializes in modern and contemporary wall art and canvas prints, is working with the Breast Cancer Care & Research Fund (BCCRF) to raise $200,000 to fund research efforts on breast cancer. James Freeman, the CEO of Maxwell Dickson, said that they are very excited to engage the community for a cause.

The crowdfunding initiative was launched on September 9th and will conclude next month, October 11th. It will be on, a website founded by actor Edward Norton that facilitates online fundraising projects for nonprofit organizations.

When the crowdfunding is completed on October 11th, Maxwell Dickson will be hosting an exhibit entitled, “Pink Tie Affair” at the California Market Center during the LA Fashion Week. The organizers are expecting hundreds of attendees, including A-list personalities. All proceeds of the event will go to the BCCRF.

There is still much to be discovered and improved on in breast cancer research. To support the campaign, contributors can log on to and make a small donation worth at least $25. Every donation earns an exclusive invitation to the Pink Tie Affair, where attendees can enjoy gourmet food, wine, art, musical performances, art exhibits, and even massages. People are calling it the most unique red carpet event of the year, as it puts the spotlight on breast cancer awareness and support.

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Another highlight of the Pink Tie Affair will be the debut of a new art collection from Maxwell Dickson. These limited edition works are “staff inspired” and will be auctioned off during the event. After the pieces are purchased, the company will be releasing only 250 prints.

To know more about this event, contact Chelsea Rush at 877-484-6566, or via e-mail.


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