Bisphosphonates May Prevent Breast Cancer Through HER Proteins

Bisphosphonates May Prevent Breast Cancer Through HER Proteins
shutterstock_154017506Researchers have found bisphosphonates may no longer be used solely for osteoporosis treatment. Mone Zaidi, MD, of Mount Sinai, recently published two articles identifying bisphosphonates as cancer preventers in the cases of breast, lung, and colon cancers. "Our study reveals a newfound mechanism tat may enable the use of bisphophonates in the future treatment and prevention of the many lung, breast, and colon cancers driven by the human endothelial growth factor receptors (HER) family of receptors," said Dr. Zaidi, in a news release from Mount Sinai. The studies, "Repurposing of Bisphosphonates for the Prevention and Therapy of Nonsmall Cell Lung and Breast Cancer," and "Bisphosphonates Inactivate Human EGFRs to Exert Antitumor Actions," were published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). During experimentation, the research team discovered bisphosphonates bind to HER proteins on the out
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