Potential Therapeutic Targets in Phyllodes Tumors Revealed

Potential Therapeutic Targets in Phyllodes Tumors Revealed
shutterstock_154017506Researchers at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center revealed the genetic basis of phyllodes tumors, a rare type of breast cancer. The findings were published in the journal Molecular Cancer Research and the study entitled “Next-Gen Sequencing Exposes Frequent MED12 Mutations and Actionable Therapeutic Targets in Phyllodes Tumors”. The team led by Dr. Scott Tomlins, performed a comprehensive analysis using next-generation sequencing techniques in order to identify genetic alterations, from archived tissue samples, that could potentially be responsible for tumor initiation and/or progression. “We know little about the biology of phyllodes tumors. In part, they have not been studied much because it's difficult to accumulate a large number of samples. Using these new sequencing techniques, we were able to study archived tissue samples, which allowed us to identify enough samples to perform a meaningful analysis", Dr. Tomlins, study's senior author, said in a news release. Phyllodes tumors are rare, accounti
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