New Method To Prevent Early Menopause In Women With Breast Cancer

New Method To Prevent Early Menopause In Women With Breast Cancer
shutterstock_225460834A recent study published in The New England Journal of Medicine found that early menopause can be prevented and fertility might be preserved in young women suffering from early stage breast cancer. The outcomes of an international clinical trial highlight the fact that the risks associated with sudden onset of menopause can be significantly diminished by adding a specific drug, goserelin, to the regimen used in chemotherapy. The study found that women who took goserelin were more likely to become pregnant and deliver a healthy baby. “Some of the most distressing side effects of chemotherapy in young women with breast cancer are early and sudden onset of menopause and infertility. These findings provide hope for young women with breast cancer who would like to prevent early menopause or still have children,” said study senior author, Kathy Albain, from the Loyola University Chicago Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Center’s Breast Cancer Clinical Research Program in a press release. Goserel
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