Breast Cancer Patients Can Benefit From Psychosocial Interventions

Breast Cancer Patients Can Benefit From Psychosocial Interventions
prone positionResults from a recent study published in the journal CANCER revealed that offering psychological interventions to reduce stress in women with breast cancer could be beneficial for their treatment outcomes, including survival, mood and quality of life. The research team from the Department of Psychology, University of Miami (UM) College of Arts & Sciences, led by Michael Antoni, Ph.D., conducted a randomised interventional trial in a cohort of 240 women with a recent diagnosis of breast cancer. During the study, the team evaluated the efficacy of an intervention aimed to manage stress levels. The researchers observed that compared to women who attended a one-day educational seminar about breast cancer, women who learned specific relaxation methods and new coping strategies in a supportive group over a period of 10 weeks demonstrated significant improvements concerning their mood and quality of life during their first year of treatment. This new study reports the outcome results of the trial and shows that those who received an intervention to reduce stress had a steady, improved quality of life and less depressive symptoms after 15 years of follow-up. "Women with breast cancer who participated in the study initially used stress management techniques to cope with the challenges of primary treatment
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