They’re Tinkering With Healthcare Insurance Again

They’re Tinkering With Healthcare Insurance Again
“I know a place where you can get cheap chemo.” “What?!” I asked. My breast was being crushed by a cold, flat panel, my arm awkwardly flailed against the side of the machine, and the technician’s voice came from behind me, where she stood screened from the radiation, looking at images of my lump. “It’s in San Francisco. I can get you the name of that place.” Chemo? Me? I thought. I guess I have cancer. The air grew thicker, colder. Cancer. It was New Year’s Eve, the earliest appointment I could get after my husband found a lump the size of an almond in my right breast. This lump wasn’t the squishy kind I found from time to time doing breast exams in the shower, the ones that made me wonder, but evaporated from my mind like steam out the bathroom window. This lump was hard as a nut, different. It didn’t vanish from my mind, but stayed firmly rooted, gnawing. I saw a doctor the morning after that discovery, but she told me not to worry about it. “It doesn’t meet the characteristics of cancer,” she said. Just to be on the safe side, I made an appointment for a mammogram. I remember dialing the phone from the parking lot of her office and taking the first available opening, which was on New Year’s Eve. Great, I thought, what a way to end the year. In the intervening month between that morning and New Year’s Eve, I tried not to think about my lump even though, in my head, it grew bigger every day. When December 31 arrived, I donned the nasty thin robes they give you in hospitals and listened to the tech tell me things she wasn’t supposed to say. That night, my family and I went to a party at a beautiful house on California’s biggest natural lake. All of us were dressed in holiday finery, having a great time, the me
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  1. Richard says:

    As Nancy writes, the problem is that elected officials don’t have to use the healthcare system that they meddle with, at the moment if you don’t have big company benefits your effectively on your own.

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