Wine and Beer: Friend or Foe to Breast Cancer?

Wine and Beer: Friend or Foe to Breast Cancer?
Protect the Pecs, Steve Del GardoSo, whom shall I annoy this week? Last week, I took aim at soy lovers, soybean farmers and others. I'm on a roll. Today, let's talk about the possible link between wine, beer and breast cancer. Lately, I have been drinking less beer because of all I've read about the estrogen in hops, and estradiol, a form of estrogen which can also damage your manliness and create man boobs! Crazy, right? So, I put down my favorite beer and started to drink wine. Then I started to think: Is wine really that good for you? Could what I just learned about beer be true for wine? I hope not. I really do not want to start drinking tequila, a whole new adventure that sounds interesting but crazy. I love crazy, but I want to remember what I did the night before and not have a hangover. Back to the wine. Dr. Edward Miller, described as an "advocate for intelligent wine drinking," contested in a 2016 Wine Folly blog the results of a study reporting a possible link to breast cancer. He wrote: The study showed, namely, that women who drink light to moderate alcohol (1/2 to 1.5 drinks/day) showed a 1.6% overall increase in breast cancer risk. So, if the study is correct, women wine drinkers would see a raised lifetime
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