Every Season of Life is a Real Gem

Every Season of Life is a Real Gem
Diamond-studded. Shiny. Oversized. Perfect for what I have in mind. It’s not a tennis bracelet or a jaw-dropping necklace. It’s a cement saw. Those shiny blades drip with diamonds so they’re extra sharp, and I have concrete to cut. I shove images of jewelry out of my head and heave the saw onto my cart next to powdered chalk and a new level. My husband and I are entrepreneurs, and we’ve tried everything from tech start-ups to coin-operated laundromats. Every time our efforts net a little profit, we put the proceeds into real estate, mostly fixers, and now we have rental properties and the overwhelming maintenance that comes with them. Today’s challenge is to hack out a really ugly patio, develop a more artful design, and prepare for the arrival of a concrete truck in the coming days. All of it is hard work — mentally, financially and physically. As I pulled my heavy cart through a big box hardware store, I remembered different shopping experiences decades ago. Back when I was younger, I’d wear a cute outfit for my shopping excursions, and strong young men would always help by loading my cart. Then, they’d load my truck. I came to expect outstanding customer service as my due.   One time I was shopping with my aunt Rosemary, and she made an offhand remark that she missed the days when she got special help, too. She had forgotten how kind the world is to people during the blossom of life. I didn’t get it. I thought everyone was treated pretty much the same. Now that my 50th birthday is just another memory, I understand what my aunt was talking about. When I buy hardware these days, I load my cart myself. Then I load my truck. Occasionally, I can play the “middle-aged woman card” and get someone to help, but if a 20-year-old
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