Ways to Keep Romance Alive When Cancer is in the House

Ways to Keep Romance Alive When Cancer is in the House
Journey_Toward_Pink_Path_Jessica_Grono Women undergoing cancer treatment do not always feel the most confident or beautiful. Treatment, biopsy, lumpectomy, and mastectomy can drain you in ways least expected. On Valentine's Day, love is in the air and that shouldn't stop because your wife or girlfriend has breast cancer. This Valentine's Day remind her of how special she is to you. Before anything else, she's the woman that you fell in love with; treat her as such. Marriage is a job, and working together is essential to keep everything running smooth. We all have to do our part to keep the spark alive. If you're the woman undergoing treatment, I understand you might not be feeling your complete best, but whatever energy you can use goes a long way in romance. Here are suggestions to keep the romance alive even through the devastation of cancer. Saying I love you is important and special. Try adding a twist to your words. Use sticky notes and post loving messages where she will find it. You could do a Post-it treasure hunt with nice messages, and at the end have a letter waiting. Help with chores without being asked. Cancer depletes her energy, especially during chemotherapy and radiation. Having a clean house is one less thing to worry about. Not to mention that when seeing a man clean, the attraction factor rises. Keep the house clean. A clean house equals a happy spouse. Frustrations and fear build up in a marriage that has a cancer diagnosis. Express your feelings nicely and never blame the par
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