Breast Cancer Patients Can Benefit From Sexual Counseling

A study has shown that women undergoing breast cancer treatment may benefit from sexual counseling. According to a report on, the topic of sexual counseling was addressed at the recent Breast Cancer Conference in Miami. MORE: Women in the U.K. who have mastectomies are given bamboo bras to help avoid infection.  Leslie R. Schover, Ph.D., founder of the online resource Will2Love which helps cancer survivors in areas of parenthood and sexual wellness, spoke about the effects aromatase inhibitors (AIs) can have on the sex lives of breast cancer patients. AIs are known to cause vaginal dryness which can lead to painful sex. They are often prescribed to women following breast cancer treatment for up to five years. The longer a woman takes AIs the more profound the vaginal dryness becomes and the longer she has to suffer from sexual dysfunction. Sexual counseling could help women address the side effects of AIs as soon as they begin taking them by using products to overcome vaginal dryness such as vaginal moisturizers and lubricants. Find out more about this story here.  MORE: A study has found that exercise can help overcome some of the effects of aromatase inhibitors.

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