Full Interview with Agendia’s CMO on MammaPrint 70-gene Signature Test

Full Interview with Agendia’s CMO on MammaPrint 70-gene Signature Test
Breast Cancer News, in an email exchange, interviewed Dr. William Audeh, chief medical officer of Agendia and a breast medical oncologist with nearly 30 years of clinical practice experience, to know more about Agendia's MammaPrint 70-gene Breast Cancer recurrence assay in patients with early stage breast cancer. An in-depth article on this interview, which includes the major findings from the MINDACT Phase 3 trial that assessed whether women with low genetic risk of recurrence could safely forego chemotherapy, can be found here. Here is the interview in full: Q: The Phase 3 study investigating the utility of the 70-gene signature test (MammaPrint) in selecting early stage breast cancer patients for adjuvant chemotherapy, found that nearly 46% percent of breast cancer patients currently treated with chemotherapy based on their clinical assessment may safely avoid such treatment because their tumors were low risk by genomic assessment, a considerable benefit to people with early stage breast cancer. Since the publication of the MINDACT trial results, the prognostic test for risk of breast cancer recurrence has been widely adopted in Europe and the US. Have you had feedback on its use, and is that feedback meeting your expectations? Are there places where you would like to see it used, but for whatever reasons (economic, simple availability) it has not yet come into practice? A: The MINDACT trial accurately predicts that there is no meaningful benefit of chemotherapy in MammaPrint Low Risk patients, despite a clinically High Risk assessment. This was the primary endpoint of
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