FDA Approves LOCalizer to Help Surgeons Find Breast Cancer Lesions for Removal

FDA Approves LOCalizer to Help Surgeons Find Breast Cancer Lesions for Removal
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved Faxitron's LOCalizer to help surgeons locate the breast cancer lesions they will remove. Manufactured by Health Beacons, LOCalizer is a wireless radiofrequency identification device that helps surgeons locate non-palpable breast lesions with more precision than traditional methods. A non-palpable lesion is one that cannot be felt or does not form a discrete mass. “As the industry gets better at detecting smaller breast lesions, we must establish a new gold standard for breast lesion localization,” Donogh O’Driscoll, chief operating officer of Faxitron, said in a press release. “LOCalizer could be the breakthrough needed to make lumpectomies and breast biopsies safer, more efficient and a better experience for both providers and patients. For more than half a century, our dedication to advancing breast health has been unwavering, and we’re honored to once again pave the way for a higher standard of care.” Thanks to advancements in imaging and more thorough screening, breast cancer is caught earlier these days. About half of all breast tumors are non-palpable, which makes it difficult for surgeons to use touch to locate them for removal. Traditional methods for locating small non-palpable tumors involve using wi
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