10 Commandments for Surviving Breast Cancer

10 Commandments for Surviving Breast Cancer
I hate giving advice, but I’ve learned lessons through my breast cancer journey that may be helpful to others in similar situations. After my diagnosis, a doctor told me I had three months to live. Against the odds, I survived, and along the way, I experienced profound moments of peace, joy, and inspiration. Nobody signs up for cancer, but if it’s crossed your path, here’s how to get through it.

Commandment 1

Thou shalt get a second opinion. You consult your friend before buying a dress. You labor over the color of your lipstick. You query the waiter before deciding on your entrée. When a doctor says you have cancer, give yourself the same gift of due diligence. Research shows that second opinions differ from first opinions up to 60 percent of the time in cancer diagnosis or treatment. For me, getting a second opinion saved my life.

Commandment 2

Thou shalt never refer to chemotherapy as poison. Chemotherapy is a lifesaving elixir that cures people all over the world. It has given mothers back to their children, spouses back to their partners, and kids back to their parents. To refer to this miracle substance by a derogatory term is to do chemotherapy a disservice.

Commandment 3

Thou shalt not let cancer rob you of your inner strength. Your sense of peace is not subject to external events. History shows that humans can endure pain and injustice without sacrificing meaning, contentment, and joy. Nelson Mandela inspired the world
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