Breast Cancer by Facebook

Breast Cancer by Facebook
blog_images-18_720_480 I watch Shay from Facebook. She’s right behind me. Nearly two years ago, I finished active treatment for triple negative breast cancer. Shay is undergoing the same treatment now. She just finished chemo and is resting so she’ll be strong enough for surgery in a few weeks. After surgery comes more rest, and then daily radiation. Reading Shay’s updates brings all that chaos back. As I watch her endure with grace, strength and a sense of humor, I’m reminded that I did it, too. That my husband did it with me, and so did our little girl. Although we’ve never met, Shay is part of my healing network, and I am part of hers. In that strange web that cancer casts, our paths crossed and I have a new friend. She has triple negative breast cancer, just like me, and a daughter the same age as mine. Every now and then, Shay posts an update on her progress, not just news about her procedures but also about her thought processes, her hopes and disappointments, her dreams and her prayers. When I read her news, it helps me remember my own path, a path my memory is already starting to blur. For me, getting a cancer diagnosis was a shock nearly too hard even to comprehend. When I looked in the mirror, I saw vibrant health, which I always had and which I assumed I always would until old age finally did its number. In retrospect, I realize now that I was more tired than usual, but I chalked exhaustion up to the stresses life dishes out to all of us,and tried to exercise with more
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