Early Stages of a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Early Stages of a Breast Cancer Diagnosis
  While sitting at my annual physical appointment, my doctor said, "Oh, and your due for your annual mammogram!" I cringed because no woman I know of likes getting a mammogram. But I wanted to be healthy, and would definitely regret having breast cancer that was too far along to do much of anything. My husband and children, especially, need me around for longer than that! I took my script home, and later on during the week, called to schedule my mammogram appointment. My previous one was done about six months after I had my son. Everything turned out fine then, so I didn't expect anything different this time. Just a test that took up some time — no big deal, really. I went in mid-October. My circumstances might be a little different from others, because I have cerebral palsy and I have difficulty staying still, especially when my body feels pain. I did the absolute best I could. The woman doing my screening wanted me to wait around for someone else to look at my image. I didn't panic because I chalked it up to a blurry image due to movement. That person never came, so I was told that they would send my scan to the doctor and get back to me if needed. I didn't forget about the day, but I didn't dwell on the what ifs as of yet. I just figured that if they saw a problem, they'd tell me soon enough. And, about a week later, I received a letter and a telephone call from my doctor, asking me to get a follow-up mammogram as soon as possible. I decided to go to another imaging place, because I wasn't too impressed with the nurses and techs. They talked to me as if I were a child instead of a 40-year-old woman. I'll never forget that second scan. It was raining, I had a miserable head cold and just was feeling terrible. It was the Tuesday before Than
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