Tests and More Tests on Way to Diagnosing Breast Cancer

Tests and More Tests on Way to Diagnosing Breast Cancer
Journey_Toward_Pink_Path_Jessica_Grono After hearing from an oncologist, who looked at my mammograms and examined me, that he really thought that I didn't have cancer, I felt elated, to say the least. I shared the news with my family and those closest to me. We all felt optimistic, but we knew that he wanted me to get one more mammogram to make sure. I scheduled one at the hospital where the oncologist worked. Having cerebral palsy makes the mammogram process much more arduous. Sitting still is impossible, especially when feeling any kind of pain. My attendant felt badly about having to hold me still in the machine to get a proper picture. A muscle relaxer I took didn't seem to help. But we tried our hardest. After the mammogram, I underwent another ultrasound. I prayed they wouldn't see anything, and I could just go home and resume my normal, beautiful life. No, it wasn't that easy. A doctor came in who works with my oncologist. He said that he would feel more comfortable if I had a biopsy just to make sure. He saw a cluster of cells, and he couldn't tell by the images if they were normal or cancerous. He said that he would send his recommendation to my doctor. My attendant helped me dress, and the nurses ushered me into a small conference room. A nice, younger nurse came in and explained everything again, and what a biopsy
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