Jody Schoger: Breast Cancer Advocate Dies at 61 Years Old

breast cancer advocate Jody Schoger was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1998. While Jody was dealing with the disease, going through chemotherapy sessions and breast surgery, as well as a life-threatening infection after the surgery, she felt alone and isolated. However, Jody not only won her fight against breast cancer, but she also became one of the most prominent advocates for the disease in the USA. Born in The Woodlands, Texas, Jody described herself as a writer and blogger, but also an optimist and breast cancer advocate who worked everyday for a better world, one word at a time. She decided not to deal with the disease alone and to not let anyone else fight it alone either. Therefore, she started her blog Women With Cancer, and co-founded a Twitter group called Breast Cancer Social Media or #BCSM. Soon, she understood just how much her help was needed by the breast cancer community. Men are also affected by breast cancer. Read this article about how to overcome stigma about breast cancer male patients.  Women were eager for information and support about breast cancer. Jody presented the results of her work at a medical conference in 2014 and stated that she and her collaborators organized 229 Twitter chats over the course of five years, recruited top medi
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