Inspirational Stories: Marie Walker Riddle Surviving Breast Cancer

Dealing with breast cancer is not only about the treatments and killing the disease in the body, but the emotional part of it is also very important. In this inspirational video, Marie Walker Riddle talks about her own experience of how she is surviving an aggressive type of the disease, stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer. The purpose is to inspire others to also see beyond the disease.

“I am surviving. You can too, your friend can too, your mother, your daughter, your aunt, your friend can too,” she says in the video. “I never thought I could do this, I never even knew that this was my role. It’s so funny, I thought I was just a work bee in this life… Sure, I’m a business owner. But I never thought I would have cancer either. And the hard part about having cancer was all that it entails. And it entails… so much!”

“How we survive? Look, I’m surviving,” she adds. “I’m still here and plan to be here a long time.” Marie Walker Riddle has recently started to share her journey with, and personal thoughts on, stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer about a month ago in the form of vlogs in a YouTube channel called Inflammatory Breast Cancer.

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  1. Phyllis Magnus says:

    I am so very impressed by what I have read about Marie Walker Riddle–her story is inspirational. Would it be possible to receive her e-mail address? I would be very grateful if I could contact her directly.

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