Alcohol May Increase Risk of Breast Cancer Development

alcohol bc Breast cancer is a terrible disease that can affect anyone, at any age. But women are at higher risk of developing it, even though men and even children, are not totally safe from it. If you're interested, read more about breast cancer risk factors. There are several risk factors that you can not control, but there are others that can be in your hands and that you can take control of, such as alcohol consumption. Several environmental factors are known to increase the risk of breast cancer, including behaviors people can modify such as alcohol consumption. Here are some breast cancer risk factors that you can control. Recently, a team of researchers from the University of Houston found a link between breast cancer and alcohol by identifying a cancer-causing gene that is triggered by alcohol. Epidemiological studies have strongly linked alcohol consumption to an increased risk of breast cancer. These studies also show that breast cancer risk is positively correlated with the amount of alcohol consumed. But why is dri
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