CoppaFeel! – #GetItOffYourChest

CoppaFeel! is a new UK charity movement designed to encourage younger women (and men) to make regular self-exams and let their doctor know immediately if they find anything different about their breasts.

Find out how to properly perform a breast self-exam here. 

Charity founder Kris Hallenga was 23-years-old in 2008 when she was told she had breast cancer. But because she hadn’t noticed any early signs or symptoms, by the time she was diagnosed the cancer had spread to her spine.

The #GetItOffYourChest campaign highlights some of the lesser-known symptoms of breast cancer in a short sixty-second video featuring celebrities who are popular with the younger generation. The video will be shown in cinemas around the country.

Find out more about “The Safety Touch” app that reminds women to self-examine their breasts.

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