It’s 2017: Where Is My Flying Car and Cancer Cure?

It’s 2017: Where Is My Flying Car and Cancer Cure?
susan miller I dream of a future when we can take a pill and our cancer will be gone forever. I dream of a world that doesn’t have disease, and if we’re feeling sick, we can just “reboot” our bodies like a laptop. And when we need a new organ, we can teleport over to the hospital, where a cyborg doctor zaps us with a space zapper thing to replace our old, pickled liver with a fresh one that was grown using our own stem cells. Who’s coming with me? Right now, we’re at the dawn of a paradigm shift where artificial intelligence and technology govern a future that we can’t even fathom. The distant reality of what’s in store for our world may actually look a lot like "The Jetsons," with flying cars and robots (minus the racism, sexism, and kitschy futurism). But the Jetsons can’t even comprehend some of these absurd advances in science. Like, a cancer vaccine. The technology is close; Gardasil and Cervarix are HPV vaccinations that prevent certain gynecological cancers already. Or what if a bra could monitor our breasts for early signs of cancer? Well shut the front door, because the technology already exists! Medical and scientific research is on the brink of dis
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