LiPlaCis Shows Promise in Phase 2 Part of Trial Dealing with Hard to Treat Breast Cancer

LiPlaCis Shows Promise in Phase 2 Part of Trial Dealing with Hard to Treat Breast Cancer
Three of five patients with breast cancer that had spread to other organs responded to Oncology Ventures' LiPlaCis or had their disease become stable with it, according to early results of the Phase 2 portion of a Phase 1/2 clinical trial. Oncology Ventures, a spinoff of Denmark's Medical Prognosis Institute, is continuing to enroll patients in the trial (NCT01861496). It hopes to recruit 12 to 15 women with advanced breast cancer whose tumors are likely to respond to LiPlaCis, a platinum-based chemotherapy with a unique formulation. That formulation is a capsule that delivers the therapy directly to a tumor. The Medical Prognosis Institute developed a tool that does a good job of predicting which advanced breast cancer patients are likely to benefit from LiPlaCis. Eight patients have been enrolled in the trial so far, with five receiving the therapy. One patient had a partial response of more than a 30 percent reduction in her tumor at 32 weeks. Surgery and a compound designed to increase the effectiveness of other treatments had failed to reduce the size of her tumor, although it became stable — that is, neither growing nor shrinking. Another patient's cancer stabilized after receiving LiPlaCis for more than 24 weeks. She had received several treatment regimens before LiPlaCis, with the best response being a stable disease. She also had to have surgery to remove fluid from her lungs after the cancer spread. Since she started LiPlaCis, she has needed no more rounds of the surgery, and has resumed part-time work. LiPlaCis has st
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