3 Easy Dinners to Cook for Your Family During Breast Cancer Treatment

Looking for something fast, easy and delicious to serve your family? Getting a decent meal on the table can restore a sense of normalcy and help everyone feel better as you move through your experience with breast cancer. These super easy recipes take very little prep time and are so popular, you’ll want to keep them as go-to meals long after cancer is a distant memory. Salmon en Papillote “Papillote” is a fancy way to say “cooking in paper.” What makes it great is that it makes preparation, serving, and clean up easy as pie. Just paint salmon portions (or other fish you might have on hand) with mayonaise, salt, and pepper and dill. Top with a thin slices of onion, carrot, lemon, and zucchini. Carefully wrap each portion in parchment paper, making sure you seal the edges carefully so steam won’t escape as the packets cook. Bake at 375 degrees for about 12 minutes, and serve with a ready-made baguette and salad. Your family will think you’re a genius. MORE: What your pet can teach you about breast cancer Chicken Pillows Scoop prepared chicken salad on squares of ready-made refrigerated pastry dough. Top each portion with a second square of dough, and cinch them together at the seems with a fork. Brush the top of each pillow with egg wash, and bake at 350 degrees until they are golden brown. Serve with your favorite mixed vegetables and a side of fruit salad. Simple and delicious. Apricot Glazed Chicken Combine a cup of mayonnaise, a cup of apricot jam, and a packet of onion soup mix. Pour the mixture over a cut up chicken, and roast for an hour at 375 degrees. Whil
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