Stage 4 Breast Cancer: What Are Your Treatment Options?

Like any other type of cancer, breast cancer can be divided into stages and each stage has its own severity. After receiving a breast cancer diagnosis, you might think the next step you should take is to chose and start a treatment. However, the best treatment option for your breast cancer will depend on its stage.

Wondering about the different stages of breast cancer? Here’s what you need to know.

To help you through your diagnosis and your choice of treatment, we’ve shared this video which explains what stage 4 breast cancer is and how it can be treated. The video, shared by Breast Cancer Answers® in 2014, features Dr. Jay Harness, Breast Cancer Answers Medical Director, as he talks about breast cancer, its different stages and which are the best treatment options available, especially for stage 4 breast cancer patients.

Do you want to know if you’re at risk of developing breast cancer? Here’s a list of 8 breast cancer risk factors you should be aware of.

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